Типы кранов Титана

  • Monorail crane
    • Monorail is recommended as the most economic choice for handling of loads such as pumps, compressors, and electric motors (normally less than 25t) in a limited area. Using a single beam, attached to ceiling, it is possible to lift and move desired loads to the place of repairs or truck loading area. Having considered limit of curvature radius, a curved beam may be utilized to cover several non-aligned positions. Compressor rooms, diesel-generator rooms, and some assembly lines are among examples of monorail usage.


  • Single girder crane
  • This type of crane is an efficient and economic solution for covering an area in longitudinal and lateral directions. Various designs and options meet customers' different demands as well as installation space limitations. Single girder cranes are divided into two groups of overhead traveling cranes (running on top of rail installed on runway beam) and suspended cranes (running beneath runway beam through end carriage wheels). 


  • Douable girder crane
  • Double girder cranes, as the best solution for heavy loads or large span halls, are used for any desired service and operation condition (e.g. heavy duty application, high speed, high acceleration, or excellent stability) as well as providing safe access to all components for repair purposes. This type of crane has the most diversified designs and options such as grab, magnet, rotating trolley, rotating hook, multiple hoists and many other equipment. 

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  • Semi gantry crane
  • This type of crane is used for limited areas of indoor and outdoor applications where there are important restrictions on the way of using gantries or bridge cranes. Fixed rail on the ground at one side and the runway beam supported by existing columns at the other side of the hall are used to sustain crane structure.


  • Gantry crane
  •  This type of crane is mostly used for outdoor usage where there are no columns to sustain bridge cranes. Gantries are available in single girder and double girder variants and may allow movement of load through legs to the end of cantilever beam. Various designs are used to meet customer-defined applications and many different accessories are available to improve crane performance such as grabs, magnets, spreaders, rotating hooks, etc. 


  • jib cranes
  • These types of cranes are normally used for light applications to enable the operator handle loads in a limited area. Applications such as cutting machines, machine shops and ladle cover handling may need such cranes. 

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